Parenting Toddlers: 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Joy

Feeling exhausted, frustrated, even angry with your toddler’s behavior? I feel you. Parenting toddlers is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. The constant demands, tantrums, and other challenging behaviors can easily leave you feeling overwhelmed.  Some days you wonder, what happened to the joy? Perhaps your dreams of becoming a parent look nothing … [Read more…]

How to Get Your Toddler to Listen–5 Simple Ideas

Parenting toddlers is a struggle. It seems no matter what you try, you just can’t figure out how to get your toddler to listen. Try out these ten simple tips!

Parenting toddlers is a struggle; there’s no getting out of it. These tiny humans are learning to assert themselves, longing for independence they can’t handle, and trying to communicate their feelings without having the words yet. It seems no matter what you try, you just can’t figure out how to get your toddler to listen. … [Read more…]

Reset the Summer Schedule With Your Kids

You’d be surprised at what a summer schedule can do for your kids. Have you involved them in making the schedule? That might be the secret sauce you’re missing.

Hey parents, how’s your summer going? Is it everything you dreamed of or everything you dreaded? If it’s everything you dreaded, or even if you’d just like to kick it up a notch, I’ve got some ideas for you. You’d be surprised at what a summer schedule can do for you and your kids. Perhaps … [Read more…]

Confessions of a Potty Training Failure

Potty training boys, potty training girls, the three-day potty training method. I've done it all. But I was much more successful with child number 6 than with child number 1 because of this one thing...

My name is Amy, and I am a potty training failure. The very term “potty training” gives me heart palpitations. A quick Google search tells me I am not alone. Struggling parents can find info on potty training boys, potty training a two-year-old, how to know when your child is ready to potty train, and … [Read more…]

The Boys Evaluate Our Parenting

“Good, sure, whatever, grunt.” Most moms of boys know that getting their sons to communicate their world through language can be a struggle. We see the articles about how to ask leading questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. We are encouraged that we’ve finally found a way to get our … [Read more…]

Time–Evaluating Our Second Round of Parenting

Wonder how you should be spending your time with your children? This is my evaluation of how I spent time raising our boys and what I'm doing differently as I parent our girls.

Minimalism. It’s everywhere we turn these days, from the tiny house movement to simplifying mealtime to spending less. It seems the new generation is rejecting the opulence of their parents’ generation and the desire for more, more, more. Not only were we obsessed with more money, bigger houses, and better vacations, but our culture, it … [Read more…]

School–Evaluating our Second Round of Parenting

When it comes to school, we've tried it all! Find out the two main things we are doing differently as we parent our second set of children.

“Do-over!” How many times did you say that phrase as a kid? And how many times were you granted that coveted do-over? My husband and I have just been given a parenting do-over, and since we adopted our sweet girls, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I will do differently this time … [Read more…]