Foster Parents Are Not Superheroes!

Do you think foster parents are superheroes or Mother Teresa? Surprise! Foster parents are ordinary people.

What goes through your mind when you think of foster parents? Do you see someone swooping in like a superhero to save vulnerable children? Or someone devoting their entire lives to nothing but caring for orphans, like Mother Teresa?  Surprise! Foster parents are ordinary people.  The most unexpected thing for me in foster care has … [Read more…]

The Hardest Goodbye in Foster Care

Goodbyes have a very different meaning for foster children. They are also one of the hardest things in foster parenting.

“Grown-ups come back.” The song from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood resonates through my mind over and over. The episode is teaching preschoolers that when grown-ups drop them off somewhere, they always come back for them. Except they don’t. It happens every day. Children are brought to school or daycare by their parents, then picked up by … [Read more…]