Toddlers and Teens–TNT

Parenting both toddlers and teens simultaneously sure is taxing. But it's not all bad!

Parenting toddlers really teaches you patience. And if you still have some to learn, you get to go round two when they’re teens. We have only toddlers and teens in the house right now and it sure is taxing. I will be the most patient person on the planet after this. Or I’ll be insane. … [Read more…]

Finding Peace in the Chaos

Feeling overwhelmed with the chaos of parenting? Find tips and encouragement for the days ahead!

So Much Chaos The baby woke me up at least four times last night; I stopped counting. The two-year-old woke up an hour and a half earlier than normal. One teen overslept and was late for school, while another said he’s taking a day off because he needs to sleep. The potty training girl woke … [Read more…]